Commitment to Quality

At Westlyn Law, we believe the value of our relationships far exceed the value of any transaction.
As a client you can rest assured that serving and representing your needs will always be our highest priority.


Any effective legal strategy begins first with an effective consultation


Whether it is navigating a complex negotiation, brainstorming potential business or partnership ventures, resolving or protecting against potential disputes, or simply planning for the future, our goal is to provide you with personalized options and information so you are educated to make the best decision possible.

With decades of experience in negotiating, drafting, and enforcing contracts, and having previously spent years in real estate representation and development, Westlyn Law approaches contracts from a client perspective.

There is nothing worse than an overzealous attorney standing in the way of two people ready to make a deal. The roll of an effective attorney should not be to put up roadblocks, but to pave a path.


Real Estate

In addition to being an attorney, the principal founder of Westlyn Law is also a licensed Real Estate Broker in the state of Arizona and operates a successful real estate firm. This unique experience allows Westlyn Law to offer the kind of guidance, advice, and representation beyond mere legal theories or book smarts. Our goal is not simply to help protect you when plans go wrong, but to use our experience to help ensure your real estate plans go right. Whether it is project or property analysis, land use planning issues, zoning concerns, construction planning, commercial negotiations, or development hurdles, Westlyn Law is ready to help.

Small businesses are unique. Each has its own structure, needs, goals, and problems that require a hands on a personal touch to craft custom legal solutions. We understand small business, because we are one. But what we lack in size, we more than make up for in service and experience. Westlyn Law provides assistance with company formation and maintenance, operational and governing documents, employee and contractor planning, or other general business consulting needs.

Small Business

Wills & Trusts

It is never too early to start planning for the future. But exactly how to plan can be a complex web of information that is difficult to navigate without a guide. Westlyn Law has experience in helping to map out the personal benefits and considerations for having a personal will, living will, power of attorney, medical power of attorney, or living trust to ensure that your life achievements are enjoyed and protected for years to come.

Mediation is often an overlooked legal tool that has a very high success rate in Arizona, over 90%. As a trained and certified Mediator with years of practical experience, Westlyn Law can help you mediate your dispute to save you time, money, and sanity.